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Marino Leather Exports P/L Is An Exotic Leather Wholesale Company Est 1991

Cane Toad Skin Leather

Marino Leather Exports, an Australian exotic leather company, is a world leader in the production and wholesale of cane toad leather and toad leather products. All our cane toad leather is produced to the highest standards by skilled taxidermists and leatherworkers.
Cane toads are classed as a major environmental pest in Australia. This means no certificate or customs clearance is required when sending cane toad skin leather and related products overseas. Cane toad leather products help keep the creature's population down - so when you buy a cane toad product, you are reducing the cane toads population and expansion. is leading the world in the production and innovative use of this wonderful novelty leather.
Cane Toad Skin Leather
Cane Toad Skins

Uses of Cane Toad Skin Leather

Cane toad skin leather is manufactured into all kinds of leather goods in many varied finishes. It is often used as inlays for knife pouches, pen cylinders and the covering leather of Zippo lighter cases.
Toad leather products first caught the public's eye when a cane toad leather bound book was given to Prince Charles by the then Premier of Queensland. Cane toad leather being added to the Royal Library of Winsor Castle increased the popularity of the product significantly around the world.
Toad leather vests and jackets are easily produced when the skin is sewn into sheets. The toad skins are simply overlapped in a patch work manner, producing a toad leather sheeting. We specialise in the production of these sheets

Kitschy, Durable, Practical Cane Toad Leather Products

Alot of toad skins
Toad Skins
Toad skin held in hand
2 Toad skins
We also sell wholesale novelties made from cane toad leather that make fantastic Australian souvenirs and gifts with attitude. Our toad leather souvenirs come with information cards and are proven market sellers. Freight costs are low because the products are light and easy to post overseas.

Our toad leather novelty range includes:

Toad Skins
Coin purses
Shoulder bags
Sun visors
Key rings
Golf gifts
Cane toad leather products are durable, strong and versatile. Thanks to the tanning process, the rubbery toad skin is turned into a fine quality, unique leather. All purses and handbags are lined with pigskin leather for extra durability.
Alot Of toad skins
Toad Skin Legs
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Marino Leather Exports P/L Is An Exotic Leather Wholesale Company Est 1991
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